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7 Ways to Make Your Website Stand Out From Your Competitors

Due to the global pandemic, the majority of businesses went digital and offered their services online. This has somehow forced businesses to focus on their online presence.


As a business owner, you face this real challenge: how can your website stand out so you can attract more sales and secure more revenue?


Why is it important to make your website stand out?

best seo agencyYour website is the front-face of your business in this digital era. A poorly designed website with ugly layout can badly affect your business. Your customers will switch to your competition’s website without hesitation whatsoever.

If your current website is not as good as your competition, read on as we will go through the 7 tips to make it stand out and blow your competitors out of the water.


#1: Easy to Understand

Your website must be designed in a way that either answers questions that your visitors have or solve their problems. When someone arrives on your homepage, does he or she able to tell who you are, what business you are in, and what products or services you offer within 5 seconds or less?

Craft your headline in a way that speaks to your target. If you fail to do this, there won’t be any reason for your visitors to continue staying at your site.

#2: Keep Content Fresh and Updated

The best way to keep your clients engaged with your website is by keeping content up to date. Make sure that you replace your outdated content regularly. Keep adding new content to your website in various forms such as blogs, photos, videos, and testimonials.

Change is always good so make small changes to your website overtime to ensure that it is fresh to your new and returning visitors.

#3: Relevant to your visitor

To maintain a long-term relationship with your visitors, your website must be relevant to them. What does it mean? It simply means how valuable your content is to them. The key to providing relevant content is to understand your target audience well.

Do you know who they are, what they are looking for, and what their pain points are? Do your blog posts, whitepapers, or videos help answer those questions or solve their problems?

#4: Easy to navigate

According to a recent survey, 94% of respondents said that website navigation is the most important aspect of a good website. An easy-to-navigate site is essential for user experience, which will hopefully lead to a better chance to turn your visitors into customers.

It is crucial to design your menu clearly so that your visitors can navigate to the right pages without any confusion. Seek help from a trained website User Interface (UI) Developer to ensure your website is easy to navigate.

#5: Responsive and mobile-friendly

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Up to 70% of web traffic is generated by mobile users. These are people who use their tablets or mobile phones to browse the web. It’s crucial to have an optimized website that can handle mobile traffic and is compatible with smartphones and iPads for instance. 

If your website is not mobile-friendly, people will get frustrated and leave your site. This means you lose a large amount of traffic hence you lose your business leads. 

Business owners need to invest in web designs that can adjust automatically to all types of devices. A good website front end developer will ensure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly.

#6: Clear Call To Action (CTA)

Clear calls to action can be a game-changer to build trust and boost your conversion rate. For every page of your website, decide what you’d like your visitors to do and make it very clear and prominent so they won’t miss it. It could be anything from collecting an email address or phone number, or simply redirecting them to another section of your website.

Strategically place relevant CTAs throughout your website to guide and steer your visitors to take actions you’d like them to do. This will increase their engagement and give you a higher chance to turn them into your customers.

#7: Speed-read friendly

79% of people on the internet scan the content of web pages they come across. This simply means they speed-read the information provided. Due to this, presenting content that can be read quickly is very important.

Break longer content blocks into sections and subheadings. Use simple sentences to communicate ideas. Make sure your paragraphs align with the section heading. Create content that is short, concise, and with adequate spacing. Do not hesitate to use lists and bullet points.

Qualified website content writing services will be able to help you with these.


Ensure your website is easy to understand, fresh, relevant, easy to navigate, responsive and mobile-friendly, with a clear call to action and speed-read friendly. These factors will make it stand out from your competitors.

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