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Best Dinamika - Full Testimonial

Interview with Hasan Wong, IT Director of Best Dinamika Indonesia

What made Red Panda Web Studio stand out from other options?

Red Panda Web Studio Team focused on our business objectives (what we need and want to achieve). They planned a very detailed strategy and systematically mapped out every step we should take. They provided detailed explanations of the processes to ensure we understand them clearly. They did fantastically well in delivering the result on time.


What made you happiest about working with us?

A lot! Where should I start? To name a few that stood out: a very detailed schedule and thorough documentation, transparent communications, strong commitment to meet our expectations, fast response/turnaround to our every update and feedback, and very proactive and professional. They are highly skilled in what they do (website design, keyword research, competition research and SEO). We had a lot of fun working with their wonderful team.


What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

The result of our first website health check/audit was amazing and beyond our expectations, considering we only launched it a couple of weeks ago! 

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If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why?

Amazing! Credit to the Red Panda Web Studio Team that continually showed a high sense of ownership in all they did. Every strategy, every plan, and every action were thought through carefully to guide us make informed decisions to achieve our goals.


What would you tell someone who’s considering Red Panda Web Studio?

Do not hesitate to contact them! They are very helpful and committed to your success. They are happy to explain every detail of what you would need to have a great website to meet your business objectives.


On a scale of one to ten (one = least likely, ten = most likely), how likely are you to recommend Red Panda Web Studio to others?

9 out of 10


What’s the main reason you recommend Red Panda Web Studio?

They are very professional to work with and have exceeded our expectations. They have deep SEO knowledge and provide high-value insights and advice. We achieved great results in such a short time after launching our website, plus we enjoyed working with them. We are a very happy and satisfied customer. Highly recommended!

"Every strategy, every plan, and every action were thought through carefully
to guide us make informed decisions to achieve our goals
seo service online
Hasan Wong
IT Director