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Customer Testimonial

Interview with Dr. Magdi Butrous, Business Owner of MB Dental NSW, Parklea

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Dr. Butrous, please describe who you are and what keeps you going

I am a dentist and I have been providing dental care for my community for over 30 years. I love to help people maintain and improve their oral health so they can have healthy gum and strong teeth that last.


You launched your new website a few weeks ago and within a week’s time, it has ranked on Page 1 of Google search results for 7-10 keywords. How do you feel about it? 

Yes, it is a fantastic outcome. The website looks very good and the fact that it ranks so well and so fast are beyond my expectation. This is a very pleasant surprise for me and my dental practice.

How would you describe your journey working with Red Panda Web Studio in building your website? Do you feel that you needed to know technical stuff in order to work with them effectively?

Red Panda Web Studio made it easy for me from start to finish. They started with my business objectives and how I’d like my website to support those goals. They scheduled weekly checkpoint calls to report on progress and listen to my feedback. They guided me step-by-step along the way and before I knew it, the website was completed! I have a working knowledge of computers and the internet, but I didn’t know much about website design or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But this was not an issue for Red Panda Web Studio as they talked to me in layman terms.

Interview with Hasan Wong, IT Director of Best Dinamika Indonesia, Jakarta

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What made Red Panda Web Studio stand out from other options?

Red Panda Web Studio Team focused on our business objectives (what we need and want to achieve). They planned a very detailed strategy and systematically mapped out every step we should take. They provided detailed explanations of the processes to ensure we understand them clearly. They did fantastically well in delivering the result on time.


What made you happiest about working with us?

A lot! Where should I start? To name a few that stood out: a very detailed schedule and thorough documentation, transparent communications, strong commitment to meet our expectations, fast response/turnaround to our every update and feedback, and very proactive and professional. 

They are highly skilled in what they do (website design, keyword research, competition research and SEO). We had a lot of fun working with their wonderful team.

What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

The result of our first website health check/audit was amazing and beyond our expectations, considering we only launched it a couple of weeks ago!

Interview with Ganda Simatupang, Director of Solusi Sehat Mental, Pamulang

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Can you tell us about you and your organization?

Certainly. I am Ganda Mery Simatupang, a psychologist and the Director of Solusi Sehat Mental, the first mental health directory in Indonesia. The aim of the directory is to be the hub for high-quality mental health content and a repository for the public to find qualified mental health professionals (therapists, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, and mental health hospitals/clinics) near them.


Can you share what we helped you achieve for this mental health directory? 

Red Panda Web Studio helped us build the directory website from scratch. We started from zero and we currently have over 1600 mental health professionals from all 38 provinces, 140 regencies/cities, and over 500 districts from all over Indonesia. 

To date, we also produced over 120 high-quality mental health articles. Red Panda Web Studio helped us with content strategy, planning, and execution based on sound SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles. They performed keyword research, competitor research, and helped us select and train our content team (writers and editors).

What results have you got since you and your team started working with us?

Thanks to Red Panda Web Studio’s expertise in SEO, our website is ranked organically at position 1-3 on Page 1 of Google for various keywords. This saves us tons of money as we don’t have to pay for ads to be ranked. Our organic traffic has increased by 1820% (yes, over 18 times) compared to the previous year. Almost 90% of our traffic came from organic searches.