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Solusi Sehat Mental - Full Testimonial

Interview with Ganda Simatupang, Director of Solusi Sehat Mental

Can you tell us about you and your organization?

Certainly. I am Ganda Mery Simatupang, a psychologist and the Director of Solusi Sehat Mental, the first mental health directory in Indonesia. The aim of the directory is to be the hub for high-quality mental health content and a repository for the public to find qualified mental health professionals (therapists, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, and mental health hospitals/clinics) near them.


Can you share what we helped you achieve for this mental health directory? 

Red Panda Web Studio helped us build the directory website from scratch. We started from zero and we currently have over 1600 mental health professionals from all 38 provinces, 140 regencies/cities, and over 500 districts from all over Indonesia. To date, we also produced over 120 high-quality mental health articles. Red Panda Web Studio helped us with content strategy, planning, and execution based on sound SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles. They performed keyword research, competitor research, and helped us select and train our content team (writers and editors).

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What results have you got since you and your team started working with us?

Thanks to Red Panda Web Studio’s expertise in SEO, our website is ranked organically at position 1-3 on Page 1 of Google for various keywords. This saves us tons of money as we don’t have to pay for ads to be ranked. Our organic traffic has increased by 1820% (yes, over 18 times) compared to the previous year. Almost 90% of our traffic came from organic searches.


How would you describe your experience working with us?

We are very pleased and fortunate to be able to work with Red Panda Web Studio. The project governance they put in place helped us focus on the important tasks at hand. Our team was guided step-by-step from planning, execution, and monitoring to ensure we met our intended outcomes. They listened to our ideas and requirements, challenged us to sharpen what we really wanted to achieve, and produced an elegant website that is user-friendly and easy to use.

How have our expertise and results met or exceeded your expectations?

Definitely exceeded our expectations. At first, we didn’t even plan to cover the entire provinces in Indonesia, just 20 big cities. And we didn’t dream of being ranked on page 1 of Google. We love the results and invaluable learnings my team and I gained by working with the Red Panda Web Studio team.


Can you describe a situation where our team exceeded your expectations?

I can provide a few but two things jump to my mind.
Firstly, in the brand recognition area.
As a newcomer to the health directory sector, we didn’t expect our brand to be recognized by the public yet. However, I recently discovered that our top-growing query is our own brand name. This shows the SEO strategies that Red Panda Web Studio helped us put in place are starting to work and it works ahead of schedule!
Secondly, in producing consistent outputs for our blogs.
Last year, we struggled to produce a consistent rate of output for our articles. We only produced between 3 to 5 articles a month so the challenge for us was to increase that number. Red Panda Web Studio put together a strategy and plan on this, and as a result, we managed to increase the outputs to over 300%!


How has our service improved the day-to-day life of you and your customers?

With our results so far, the Indonesian public can go to our website as a trusted repository of quality mental health blogs. All our articles were properly researched and written by people who are trained in mental health space. Those blogs are broken down into different categories for easier search (ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar, Suicide, Bullying, Anorexia, etc.). In addition, the public can also search for the right mental health professionals near them by province, regency, city, and district.
Internally, we have adopted many of the learnings from Red Panda Web Studio especially in the area of digital marketing, customer success, and project management.


What do you appreciate most about our service?

The ability to get things done. We had the front-row seat to see how ideas are turned into reality through strategy, roadmap, plan, execution, and consistent monitoring and follow-ups. In addition, Red Panda Web Studio was very generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise with our team.


Would you recommend our services to others? Why?

Absolutely. Red Panda Web Studio has proven to have deep expertise in website design, SEO, digital marketing, and project management. They were professional, proactive, and consistent in ensuring we achieve our desired business outcomes.

"Our organic traffic has increased 1820% (yes, over 18 times) compared to the previous year"
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Ganda Simatupang