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Starter Package

Website Design, Build, Test and Handover

A recent survey reveals that around 59% of Australian small businesses don’t have a website. 


The main reasons given by participants of the survey for not having a website were:

  • They feel their business is too small
  • It is too expensive to have a website
  • They don’t have the time to build or manage one

The same study also revealed that three-quarters of the business owners surveyed would seriously think about getting a website if the process was quick and easy, and a professional designer built one for them.


This is where Red Panda Web Studio comes in:

  • We firmly believe that every business should have a website and no business is too small to have one. We’d love to be the website builder for your small business.
  • A good quality website is an investment for the business and it doesn’t have to be expensive. As a website design company, we build high-quality websites at an affordable price through our Starter package.
  • We understand business owners should focus on running their business and not being bogged down in the process of building or maintaining a website. We deliver great websites in the shortest time possible through our proven step-by-step process that takes away the technical complexity for our customers – we make the process quick and easy for business owners! Once the websites are delivered, we offer Pro and Premium package to our customers so they can have the freedom to invest time into their business operations while we do the ongoing website management and improvement work for them.

Business Assessment

Nowadays most of your customers are quite tech-savvy and usually, their first exposure to your business is through your website. If you run a brick-and-mortar local business, the majority of your potential customers will explore your website before visiting your business in person. 


If you don’t have a website or your website does not provide a good user experience or difficult to find, you are surrendering your valuable customers to your competition. Your website is your virtual showroom. It needs to show case you and your business. It needs to be found when people enter certain keywords in the search engine. It needs to be engaging so they can find the answers to the questions they ask or discover a solution to their problem through your products/services. It needs to direct them to take certain actions in order to generate more leads for your business. 


These are the reasons why Red Panda Web Studio always starts our website build by having a business assessment discussions with you. We don’t want to just create any website for you, we want to deliver an elegant website that works for your business.

Website Development with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Red Panda Web Studio designs, builds and tests your website based on SEO best practice.

search engine optimisation services

Register your website Domain Name 

A Domain Name puts a user friendly face on hard-to-remember numeric internet addresses (IPs). The aim is to give your customers an easy-to-remember name (not complicated IP addresses) so they can reach your website. We consult you on the domain name you’d like to use and check whether that name is still available. If the name you want is no longer available, we will propose similar name(s) for your consideration. Once the domain name is agreed and available, we purchase and register it on your behalf.


Setup your Hosting and Admin Credentials

One of the most important things to consider when building a website is to have a service that makes your website accessible on the internet. This is called Web Hosting. Web Hosting services are offered by web host companies that maintain, configure, and run physical servers that store websites. They are responsible for keeping their servers running 24/7 to ensure great performance for the websites they host. We recommend a suitable web hosting company and hosting plan that meet your business requirements before we set up your admin access accordingly.

Install and configure required software

We have a standard list of software required to build a great website. This includes software for Website design, SEO, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Contact Form, Backup and Restore, Security and Website performance. We will ensure they have the latest compatible working versions before we install and configure them.

Research and Fine-Tune Keywords

To increase the chance of your new website being found and ranked by search engines like Google, we perform search optimisation via keyword research. Keyword research can tell us what people are searching for, rather than what you think they are searching for. This exercise also allows us to search for the relevant target audience and find out the common words and terms your customers speak or use in their day-to-day life.

Design Sitemap 

We develop a sitemap (a hierarchical diagram) that allows you to visualize the structure of your new website. We ensure your sitemap highlights your core products/services and is easy for your customers to navigate and find the content they are looking for on your website. It also shows them what goes where, and how certain pages are connected.  

Build and Test

We develop a business website that adheres to Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience best practice. We carefully balance various essential factors such as clean design, effective color scheme, branding, functionality, navigation, usability, call-to-action, and speed (short loading times). We schedule periodic checkpoint calls to show you progress and obtain your feedback to avoid any unpleasant surprise when we deliver the final website. We also do proper testing before we handover the website to you.


Perform Training and Handover

Upon website completion and as part of handover to you, we do final website walk through with you to provide basic training so you know how to operate and maintain your new website. We will also provide relevant information, instructions and login credentials in a clear and concise document which you can refer to it quickly and easily.